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At Val’s Tavern in Rumson, we live to keep things old school. That goes for the food, the drinks , entertainment and, perhaps most importantly, the overall spirit of the place, which has been raising spirits since first opening for business back in 1942.


“I think that Val’s is one of the last true neighborhood places,” said co-owner Chris Smith. “It’s part of the fabric of the Rumson community, it’s kind of a landmark place in Rumson to go. It’s been that way since I moved down here, it’s still that way, and that’s what we love about it.


Val’s hearkens back to an earlier time, when bars were more than places to get a drink or two; they were town centers, gathering spots for friends and families.


“We’re a place for the community to gather for any big event that happens for a family, for a town,” said Smith. “We live in a world of chain restaurants, and this is one of the last places around that has that local feel.


The Smith brothers made some minor renovations when they took ownership of Val’s nearly a decade ago in an effort to freshen things up. But there are some elements that have remained consistent, like the signature Lobster Pie pizza topped with chunks of fresh lobster tail and the customer’s choice of hot or mild marinara sauce.


“That’s still made exactly the way it was since 1942 when this place first opened,” Smith said of the storied lobster pie. “That sort of stuff, we didn’t touch at all.”